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Develop soft skills with Taple

(Agile) coaching, workshops, trainings, learning projects.


Diverse methods for further development

I founded the brand Taple (Taheri, my birth name, meets People) to help companies and people reach their full potential. While "hard skills" can be measured with certificates and qualifications, it is the "soft skills" that ultimately make the difference. It is often assumed that these are already manifested and can no longer be learned. But who actually says that?

With me and Taple, new leadership, team and corporate cultures can be created and lived. From strategic consulting to implementation.

Taple stands for:

  • set out, approach each other and meet halfway,

  • working together to achieve goals,

  • creating lasting connections with yourself and others,

  • the development of potential.

Methoden Unternehmen
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If you want to be happy all the time, you have to change often. -Confucius

Daria brought a large repertoire of methods with her, was lively and creative. She was also a good and interested listener. The coaching had the necessary professionalism, but still the right amount of empathy. Recommended.

- Justine Klecha

It is certainly no surprise that a company like AGRAVIS not only values didactics and user-friendliness when it comes to digital learning, but also optimal design and sustainability. Since 2021, Ms. Hansen has been consistently and perfectly implementing our requirements in various projects.

- Manfred Osthof
( AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, HR/Strategy and Digitalization )

Daria always finds innovative approaches to our learning projects and motivates the team with her enthusiasm for the topics and her specialist knowledge. We work together on equal terms and it's just great fun.

- Eleni Amvrosiadou
(Former colleague, ML Group)

Daria has a broad knowledge of various coaching and consulting models. In coaching and consulting, I find her to be appreciative, goal-, solution- and resource-oriented. The concerns of her clients and the clear clarification of the task are particularly important to her. Daria is extremely friendly and approachable. I am happy to recommend her.

- Jutta Barth

Co-Trainer at


systemic-humanistic Coach

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