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My philosophy

Certified coach, educator & psychologist

"Nothing is as constant as change."

That's why I work with innovative methods and always learn something new when working with people. I have made it my mission to show my customers how much fun further development can be.

It is important to me to have integrity in my work. The confidentiality of my coaching sessions is a given, as is my basic assumption that every behaviour is based on good intentions .

There are no limits to my coaching in terms of topics, because the client is the expert. As a coach, I am a companion and a guide. I empower my clients to implement their own solutions independently, thereby making myself redundant in the long term.

The solution lies with the client and we will find it together.


The terms coaching and consulting are usually used synonymously. Unfortunately, both terms are not protected, which makes it difficult to find out who is really qualified.

With me, you can be sure that all measures are carried out to the highest standards. I am not only a certified coach, I also have a BA in educational science and a master's in A&O psychology. I also regularly continue my education, looking for the latest trends and scientific findings . I leave nothing to chance!

Systemic-humanistic perspective


Solution-oriented & sustainable approach
- This is how I work:

What is special about Taple is the mixture of systemic and humanistic perspectives:

Systemically, we assume that people do not act in isolation from their system . Depending on the context, this is the company, the team or even the private environment. Each person within the system is dependent on the others. If one person changes (e.g. through personal development), the entire system has to reorganise. This is why working with just one person can be very effective!

The humanistic approach, on the other hand, focuses on deep structures . Essentially, working with these is a prerequisite for successful behavioural change. I always assume that people primarily have good intentions.

Curious? I'd be happy to tell you more about it!

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